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Usha Lubes Private Limited was incorporated in the year 1984 and has been engaged in the manufacturing of Industrial Lubricants for the Wire-Drawing and Engineering Industry. In 2012, the company diversified into the industry of agricultural tools and implements.

The Agro-Tools product line of Usha Lubes started off as a licensed manufacturer of manual agro-tools for the Usha Martin-backed NGO ‘Krishi Gram Vikas Kendra’ (KGVK).
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Agro-Tech’s main products currently consist of manually operated equipment such as the Paddy Drum Seeder, Cono-Weeder and Mini Combine Harvester. Apart from these products, the company is working to develop manual as well as power-driven products for various crops.
Our Vision
Through its Agro-Tech line of products, Usha Lubes Private Limited believes in providing the end user with the best tools they need to help improve their productivity. All our products are designed on the basis of the following points..
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